Urgent Projects

Our Outreach programs to "Save My Lake" needs your help immediately. Basic funding to treat the lake, help support storm water projects and future lake dredging. Locally, The mission of LHWPG is to insure the health of Lake Harmony for future generations by identifying and educating homeowners of Lake Harmony concerning the major causes of its rapid decline. The full storm water report describing the areas in this document can be found Here  ARRO-SWM-Report-Section-A-B-C.pdf

Leaf Removal 

$5000 is spent each year on leaf removal from streets and common areas surrounding the lake. Leaf clogged culverts and drains is the number one cause of ineffective storm water management. 2016 Leaf Removal Dates 

Salt and Cinder Removal

In the spring, $1000 is devoted to sweeping salt and cinders from streets around the lake


The existing rain garden and the street above South Lake needs an upgrade to properly control the excess storm water.Projected cost for this upgrade estimated at $ 4,300. Funds for the project to be shared from various groups and homeowners.  Rain Garden Renovation completed 5/5/2016   Click here to view Project Photos

Kidder Street

LHWPG plans show that it will cost $ 9,000 to correct problems on Kidder Street and the Rain Garden.  Hanover Engineering will be asked to provide plans and cost estimates for this work

Summit Street 

LHWPG will continue to support the Summit Street project.  We provided the plans, but we do not have significant funds to pay the estimated $30,000 required to complete the project.