Our Partners Around the Lake


Lake Harmony Group

The Lake Harmony Group (LHG) is the entity that, since 2002, has owned the access roads that run from North and South Lake Drives, the access areas at the base of these roads, and the majority of the lake bed.

The Lake Harmony Association 

Lake Harmony Estates POA

Split Rock Cottage Owners

Split Rock Cottage Owners  is a social organization that serves the home owners within the Split Rock Resort.  They strive to enrich the overall social experience to all home owners in the Split Rock community.

Kidder Hike and Bike Trail Group 

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of creating a hike and bike trail system in Kidder Township

Kidder Township

Information and resources for Kidder Township 

Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers

The Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds & Rivers (POWR) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect Pennsylvania’s watersheds. POWR operates through direct work and support of other organizations with similar missions. The organization works across the state.